Dragon Fruits

You know you have a winner when you can enjoy a chip that is made with 21 herbs, vegetables, spices, and legumes. All of our chips are made with at least 21 ingredients which not only makes them healthy, but extremely tasty as well. Ounce-per-ounce, we have a higher antioxidant value than that of green tea or vegetable juice – at least 10x more to be exact. The best part is that we are free of most common allergens


The World’s First Falafel Chips (Original and Spicy)

The World’s First Zatar Chips

Sprouted Multigrain Chips

Spicy Fiesta Chips

-100% USDA Organic
-Non-GMO Verified
-Certified Gluten-Free
-Certified Vegan
-Certified Kosher